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We understand that lighting is the most important factor when designing or re-designing any kind of space. An effective lighting design can transform any room, space or project, creating a positive and vibrant feel. It can also change the way we feel about certain rooms, whether it’s a cosy feel for long evenings in on the sofa watching TV or a bright airy design to add energy and makes the room feel more spacious.

Lighting design doesn’t just have to be for interior use, transforming an outside space like a landscape garden, a driveway or even the exterior brickwork of a house can easily enhance the way we feel towards these spaces.

For many of our decorative exterior lighting designs and installations, we recommend installing a lighting control system giving a better user experience and complete lighting control. Typically, these systems would be controllable from any remote devices such as an iPhone, iPad or laptop.

Our Exterior Lighting Process

Initial Consultation

Our garden and exterior lighting process starts with an on-site consultation to discuss your requirements. Whether the specification is for security purposes, functional purposes or solely decorative, Anco Electric can offer a bespoke solution.

Uniquely we offer an all-in-one service of design, installation and maintenance for exterior lighting, leaving our customers to just enjoy their new lighting set-up. Your initial consultation would help us to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve and indicate the scope and size of the project and a possible start date.


Upon completion of the initial consultation, we would issue a Proposal Document outlining the proposed works, time scales, product specification and costs. The Proposal Document is issued without any obligation to accept and can be changed or altered. If the Proposal Document is accepted, once a deposit is placed, our design process will begin.


Our approach to all exterior lighting design work is holistic and flexible as we understand that through the consultation process, new ideas and concepts may arise.

Through the design period, we would be discussing the types of light sources, colour temperatures, the mood and ambience, the functionality, security aspects and the how the lighting system is to be controlled – switching, dimmers, a lighting control system, motion sensors, timers and so on.

All design works and drawings are produced on lighting software called Dia-lux and Re-lux; these drawings would show the installation and where the fittings will be placed.


Once the design and drawings have been signed off, we would start the installation process. The first part of this process would be to source the products and to make sure that delivery dates of the items are in line with possible installation date. Within the Proposal Documents, Anco Electric would include all technical information regarding the products we source which also have to match our product criteria of good and proven quality materials with a minimum of 3-5 years manufacturers warranty.

The installation of exterior lighting is very different to interior lighting as there are more influences to consider. Our team of NICEIC approved electricians, who have years of experience in installing lighting and electrical items, will work to best practices to ensure longevity and durability.

Throughout the installation, our design team and installation team work closely to ensure that all the project is going to plan and to be in consistent communication in case of any unforeseen circumstances occur that require immediate attention.


Upon completion of the installation works, for lighting-controlled installation, we carefully work with the customer to design and create various lighting scenes. These scenes are built and programmed on site with a lap top, where each switch line, light or area will have its own unique command, whether it’s a colour change, a change in lighting levels or simply an on/off command. Once a scene has been set up and recorded, we then programme the command to a light switch, where a lighting scene can operate by a click of a button. By adding pre-set scenes, this will create mood and atmosphere. The final and most important part of commissioning, would be to test the new electrical installation and issue a NICEIC Installation Certificate.

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